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  Eligibility Criteria
Salaried Individuals between 21 to 58 years, Minimum Net Monthly Salary of Rs. 20,000 and Employed for at least 1-2 years

  Get ready with Documents
PAN & Aadhaar Card, Latest 3 month Bank statement, Two latest salary slip / latest Form 16, Cancelled Cheque

  Get Disbursal in 1 Day*
Personal Loan up to 25 Lakh, Instant approval and Fast Disbursal through Partnered Banks / NBFC, No Collateral and Minimum Documentation

HDB Finance Personal Loan

HDB Financials personal loan can easily be availed online at an attractive interest rate. The lender offers a maximum loan amount of up to Rs.20 lakh that can be taken for a tenure of up to 5 years at a one-time processing fee of up to 2% per annum. An applicant needs to have a minimum monthly income of Rs.15,000 to enjoy a hassle-free personal loan journey. Also, there are various other eligibility factors like-income, cibil score, employment type and repayment history which are taken into consideration by the lender before approving the loan. Just ensure you meet the same criteria and your documents should also be ready to avoid personal loan rejection

HDB Personal Loan Interest Rates

Particulars Details
Interest Rates Up to 36% per annum
Loan Amount Up to Rs.20 lakh
Tenure 1 Year-5 Years
Processing Fee Up to 2 % of the loan amount
Minimum Income Rs.15,000 & Rs.20,000 (salaried), Rs.75,000 & Rs.1,00,000(self-employed professionals & individuals),Rs.75,000 & Rs.1,00,000(Private Companies & Partnership Firms)
Employment Type Salared, Self-employed Professionals, Self-employed Individuals, Private Companies & Partnership Firms
Cibil/Credit Score Above 750 (out of 900)
Pre-payment Charges Nil-4% of the principal outstanding
Interest on Late Payment of EMI (per month on overdue EMI amount/Interest amount) 3%
Cheque/ECS bounce charges

(per bounce)


Documents Required For Personal Loan

Mentioned are the personal loan documents for salaried and self-employed.

Complete Online Application

Fillup the Online loan Application in just 2 minutes

Provide Identity Proof

Voter id/ Passport/ Driving License / Aadhaar Card

Address Proof

Aadhaar /Passport/ Telephone or Electricity Bill/ Ration Card

Bank Statement

Latest 3 Months Bank Statement or Passbook

Income Proof

For Salaried – Latest 3-month Salary Slip

                    For Self Employed –  ITR and Current Bank Statement of 3 months

Why Choose HDB Finance Personal Loan

There are several reasons to choose Personal Loan from HDB Finance

Quick Disbursal

Attractive Interest Rates

Attractive Interest Rates

Flexible Loan Tenures

Minimal Documentation

Multi-purpose Loan

No Collateral/Security 

How to Apply for HDB Personal Loan 

Check Your Minimum Eligibility and  Apply Online For HDB Finance Personal Loan

From Where to Apply for an Instant Personal Loan HDB Online

Apply Online HDB Personal Loan From Quikkloan App and Get Instant Loan e-Approval and Disbursal in 1 Day.


Table Showing EMI, Total Interest Outgo, Total Repayment (Interest + Principal)

Loan Amount (in Rs.) Interest Rate(per annum) Tenure (in Years) EMI (in Rs.) Total Interest Amount(in Rs.) Total Amount=Principal +Interest (in Rs.)
20,00,000 15.50% 1 1,80,989 1,71,866 21,71,866
20,00,000 15.50% 2 97,449 3,38,778 23,38,778
20,00,000 15.50% 3 69,821 5,13,569 25,13,569
20,00,000 15.50% 4 56,170 6,96,146 26,96,146
20,00,000 15.50% 5 48,106 8,86,383 28,86,383

Table Showing Principal, Interest, and Balance Amount

Year Principal (in Rs.) Interest(in Rs.) Balance Amount(in Rs.)
1 2,87,106 2,90,170 17,12,893
2 3,34,909 2,42,367 13,77,984
3 3,90,671 1,86,605 9,87,313
4 4,55,718 1,21,558 5,31,595
5 5,32,208 45,682 0

Feature & Benefit Of HDB Bank Personal Loan

No Security/Collateral:Your HDB Financials personal loan is available to you without any security. Yes, a borrower doesn’t need to submit any collateral to the lender to avail the loan. It comes easily to you.  

Flexible Tenure:With flexible loan repayment options ranging between 1 year to 5 years, it would be easy for you to repay your personal loan. 

Instant Processing:Your personal loan is processed quickly which means you can get the required loan amount soon in your bank account. 

Competitive Interest Rates:HDB Financials come at an attractive interest rate. Yes, the lender offers personal loan at a lower rate which means a reduced personal loan burden. 

Hassle-free Documentation: A personal loan comes with minimal documents. You simply need to submit a few KYC documents and you are done. 

Minimum Fees and Charges: An instant personal loan comes with minimum fees and charges hence reducing your personal loan burden. With minimal fee and charges, you don’t need to pay extra for your loan. 

Doorstep Convenience: With the doorstep services, everything comes easily right in front of you. The doorstep services come with a lot of convenience and comfort.

Maximum Loan Amount: Talking about loan amount, your HDB Financials online loan comes with a maximum loan amount of up to Rs.20 lakh. With a higher loan amount your financial needs can easily be fulfilled.  

Lucrative Offers for Employees of Selected Companies: For selected companies, the lender gives the best offers related to various things such as fewer fees & charges, lower interest rates, 1st EMI redemption and so on. 

Fees and Charges:There are certain fees and charges that a borrower needs to bear while availing a personal loan. Processing fee and prepayment charges are something that a borrower needs to bear during his personal loan journey. A processing fee is a one-time fee that an applicant needs to pay at the time of availing a personal loan. While on the other hand, prepayment/foreclosure is something that a borrower will pay once he opts to pre-close his personal loan before the set period.  

HDB Personal Loan Statement Online: A monthly statement will be sent to you via email so that you can have a glance at your loan on the go. The statement includes all the relevant details like account summary such as loan tenure, interest rates, EMIs, default (if any) transactional details, etc. By looking at the statement, you can have an idea about your loan account and can know the details on the go.     

How to Check HDB Loan Status: You can easily check your  HDB loan status online. To know the status, you need a loan application number which you need to enter online on the tracker. The moment you enter the same, it would be easy for you to know the real-time status of your application,i.e.whether it’s approved, pending or rejected. 

HDB Finance Online Payment:When it comes to online payment, your personal loan online can easily be repaid via EMIs. Yes, a borrower can opt for ECS or Auto-debit payment mode, wherein the monthly amount will automatically be deducted from the bank account.

HDB Finance Customer Care Number 

HDB Finance Customer Care +91 44 4298 4541

What is the interest rate charged by HDB Financials for a personal loan?

An interest rate of up to 36% per annum is charged by the lender in case of a personal loan.

Is my personal loan collateral-free?

Yes, HDB Financials personal loan comes without collateral. A borrower doesn’t need to submit any security to the lender while availing a personal loan.

What is the maximum loan I can get?

The lender offers a maximum loan amount of up to Rs.20 lakh.

How the bank decides the personal loan eligibility?

The lender decides the personal loan eligibility after considering many factors. Yes, factors like-monthly income, cibil score, job & income stability, employment type, repayment history and age are taken into consideration before giving personal loan approval.

How much processing fee is charged on my HDB Financials personal loan?

The lender charges a one-time processing fee of up to 2% of the loan amount at the time of availing a personal loan. The processing fee is non-refundable and it is a must pay by a borrower.

Can I add my spouse’s income to increase my HDB personal loan eligibility?

Yes, you can club your spouse’s income if falling short of eligibility.

Can I apply for a personal loan with a guarantor?

Yes, a personal loan can also be applied with a guarantor. In such a case, both the primary loan borrower as well as the guarantor are equally liable to repay the loan. 

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